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The SIMpLe Startup and Innovation Management SimuLation has three interconnected tools.


The Course Content tool was designed for the creation of module-based courses. An entrepreneurial curriculum that contains 7 submodules is included in the software that can be duplicated and tailored to specific needs. Each submodule contains theory, examples, tasks, quiz and reflection.

  • M1 1_2 Introduction: Innovation and Entreperenurship
  • M1 2_2 Business idea
  • M2 1_5 Forming teams
  • M2 2_5 Market and segments
  • M2 3_5 Stakeholders, profitability
  • M2 4_5 Pitch preparation
  • M2 5_5 Pitch


In the Idea Generation tool, different idea generation phases followed by an idea evaluation period can be created from blank. However, a pre-defined idea generation setup is included in the platform that contains two idea generation phases each with four categories. An idea evaluation setup based on three evaluation criteria is also included.

  • 1st idea generation phase: Identification of problems and idea creation
  • 2nd idea generation phase: Brainstorming and idea diversification


The business proposals development based on the canvas method is ensured by the Business Proposal tool that requires teamwork. Different versions can be created, while feedback feedback from mentors and lecturers can be provided througout the business idea development process. At the end business concept and pitch video competition can take place. Templates are also included in the Business Proposal tool, however canvas can be filled in and modified.